I’ve included a few detailed extracts taken from my Orlando map, just to show you the level of content that is depicted in all its glory. The map itself is now printed as an A5 size booklet with 40 pages in full colour and it has exceptionally detailed map pages showing International Drive (one of the main tourist areas) and also the Villa areas along Highway 27 and at Champions Gate and Davenport. The small scale map covers the area from Orlando South down to Kissimmee and Celebration, that’s the area of most use for the majority of tourists. Detailed maps showing the Disney Resorts and Theme Parks are available free from Disney when you get there. Likewise at Universal and SeaWorld. The map pages were all updated in August 2019 and again in December 2019.

please visit this link to see a few example images from the latest map edition

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I fell in love with Orlando during my first visit in 2001. Being a Cartographer, and a self employed one at that – I always take an (unhealthy) interest in other people’s map offerings. A lot of the maps available in Orlando (even now) are of the Free variety, supported by masses of advertising. The maps are RUBBISH, and there’s a reason why most of the advertisers pay for their little space next to the map. They tend to be the places that you would never go back to twice – get my meaning . . . There are a few exceptions, but not many. Orlando Maps available in most of the Guide Books are also very bad, either too small a scale, so you have difficulty in locating places, or just plain wrong ! I firmly believe that ALL of the current maps available (apart from mine of course) have NOT been researched properly or checked on-the-ground. I have been shocked at some of the errors that I’ve found on so-called well-known publishers maps. I vowed to put things right – and, at last, I’ve done it – and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. If you disagree, let me know…

I’ve been involved with producing Tourist Maps and Street Plans for 30 years, so I think I’m qualified.
The new Orlando map has been researched using the latest aerial photographs supplied direct from the USA, satellite imagery, road information compiled by a Cartographic Editor prior to digitizing the base using the very latest Apple Macintosh computers and mapping software.
The initial research and drafting took over 600 hours. This was followed up by doing further research on the internet, and then I went over there (purely business you understand, but I managed to grab one day off and visited Epcot and Disney Studios) to fully test the map base and confirm locations of hotels, shops, restaurants and places of interest. I now have the most comprehensive photographic library available of every hotel and restaurant along I-Drive. Every piece of information that is shown on the map has been verified personally.

After extensive market research, I decided that this edition should be in a different format allowing me to publish more regular updates by printing less copies each time. So the 2019 edition was produced as an A5 size 40 page Map Booklet – a bit like a mini atlas. The Orlando Map received three updates during 2019 – this has been unprecedented before now due to printing costs, so I definitely believe that it’s been the right decision to publish the Booklet – and here’s to more updates in 2020