A little bit about me . . .
OK, I’m not a travel writer (and it probably shows), so please excuse the grammar and punctuation. I am a cartographer by trade and Orlando Nut. These maps have been thoroughly researched by driving and walking around in Florida. I am confident that my maps offer the most accurate and detailed information available. I have an in-depth knowledge of Orlando and a huge addiction to the Magic of Disney. The vast majority of maps that are currently available have many glaring errors, even some of the larger attractions can be miles away from their correct location. With these new maps of Orlando I have tried to portray information in a way that makes it easier for the UK traveller. Orlando is definitely not your average sort of holiday destination, and therefore, you can quite easily miss all the best bits. I will be regularly updating these maps, because hotels and restaurants have a habit of changing their identities all the time, especially in the fast-changing dynamic environment of Orlando.

I’ve been running my own Cartographic Agency for over 35 years and have relocated to the sunny South Devon coast (don’t you just love modern technology and communications). Visiting Orlando has become a passion – it’s obsessive and is definitely my number one destination in the world – it really does have everything you could wish for. And I’ve recently passed my motorbike test and bought a Harley . . it’s VERY loud and I’m probably annoying the neighbours ! I have just finished my final year of studying at Plymouth University and have graduated with a BA (Hons) Music degree. So not too bad for a 65 year old hippy biker 🙂 I also play bass guitar in a wonderful tribute band, and I tour around in my old motorhome loving life and all it has to offer.

Producing this map has fulfilled a little dream – and I’ve poured my heart in to making it something that I can honestly say that I’m proud of. I have produced maps of this area for other (well known) publishers in the past, but this is all mine, and I know that it knocks spots off the competition – purely because of the amount of research that I’ve put into it. The Orlando Map is now in its 11th edition, having started from small beginnings in 2005. It is now established with sales throughout the world, and I’m very proud of my achievement. So I hope you enjoy its contents – please send me feedback and tell me what you think – if I can improve it, I will . .
all the best,


Steve on stage