Why Orlando ?


Mention Florida and you immediately think of Disney World, the Everglades, the Florida Keys, Miami Vice (if you’re old enough) and the Space Rockets. Some people think that Orlando is just about the Disney Theme Parks, and that it would be “great for the kids to see Mickey Mouse”. Others may be wondering what all the fuss is about and rather stick to their beach holiday in Spain because it’s “somewhere different” and it must be good because it’s the UK’s numero uno holiday destination.
Before my first trip, I was a little sceptical myself, but started doing sums with regard to costs of holidays in the Mediterranean and then suddenly realised that Florida was an option (with prices of long-haul packages falling all the time). And anyway . . . it WOULD be fun for the kids – YES ?
I managed to do a little research and then booked a fairly reasonable package at the local travel agent. Then I started doing further research on the internet and became more and more intrigued with what Orlando had to offer. To be fair, the seven major theme parks (eight if you include Busch Gardens at Tampa) could keep you busy for the whole two weeks, but there are so many other things to see and experience – which is why a lot of people end up going back for more trips.
One of the other major factors (which you may already be thinking about) is whether it’s just going to be a holiday for the children with nothing much to keep the adults happy. In fact, the reality is probably weighted towards the adults. You may be sceptical now, but I can assure you that adults have the time of their lives and it’s really easy to revert to your childhood – I’ve seen grown men with a tear on their cheek as they give Eeyore a big hug in the Magic Kingdom. It’s not just about the theme parks though, there are some exquisite restaurants over there. Detailing and colour schemes are thought about with absolute precision. Nightlife and evening entertainment is world class. Accommodation is normally of a much higher standard than we’re used to. There are a wealth of other separate attractions and the shopping opportunities are superb. And to top it all, you can more-or-less guarantee the lovely weather.
By the way, there’s absolutely no comparison with theme parks over here to the mighty Orlando. Alton Towers is probably the best themed park in the UK, but it will never come close to the Disney and Universal parks over there. Even Disneyland Paris lacks things in comparison.

Now – off you go and buy my, wonderfully detailed Map of Orlando ! (You can tell I’ve never been in Sales).
You won’t regret it . . . . I promise.