PDF files for Mobile

They’re ready. We now have PDF files for Mobile smartphones and tablets. There are five separate PDF’s included, all for just £6.00 – how’s that for value. They’ve all been tested on various smartphones and tablets including Android, Apple and Amazon Fire. See below for a few screenshots and photo’s of them in action.

What do you get :-

  • Florida overview showing Orlando
  • The Main Orlando Tourist Map (side 1 of the printed map)
  • I-Drive in detail
  • Highway 27
  • Villa Map

The Main Map, I-Drive Map and the Highway 27 Map also have interactive Content lists that let you easily zoom in to specific location views. You will need to also download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) on to your device.

Once you have purchased the PDF’s through PayPal, we will send you an Email link where you can then download all of the files to your main computer. Follow your specific device manufacturer guidelines to install the PDF’s. If you’re unsure just Google ‘How to add PDF files to your device

All five pdf’s are just £6.00

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